The Maryland Water Monitoring Site Mapper

Maryland Water Monitoring Site Mapper LogoHave you every wondered where to go to find a comprehensive map of Maryland water monitoring sites?

Well look no further!

The Maryland Water Monitoring Council has created a mapping tool​ which allows you to see various types of water monitoring in Maryland. Once populated, the map will include sites sampled by state, federal and local agencies, private companies and citizen groups.

The map provides users with sampling locations and the type of sampling done at each site (biological, chemical, physical or stream restoration-related) and year collected. The map does not store actual monitoring data (results) but provides users with contact information about each sampling site for more information or for possible data acquisition.

Does your agency, company, or organization have data to submit to the map? Simply download this template​ (Excel file), enter basic information about each station and email to Katherine Hanna​ .