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The Monitoring and Non-Tidal Assessment Division posts many of its documents to the web as .pdf files. The documents listed below are organized into four groups:

  • Frequently Requested Documents - The publications that get the most attention.
  • General Documents - Publications written for a more general audience, organized into reports and fact sheets.
  • Area-Specific - Fact sheets specific to certain topics and geographic areas around the state.
  • Technical Documents - Sampling manuals, yearly data compilations, special study reports, and other technical reports.
  • Peer Reviewed Journal Articles, Book Chapters, and Symposium Proceedings Based on MBSS Data - .pdf with citations and links to journal websites where you can view abstracts or complete articles.


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Frequently Requested Documents

Maryland Biological Stream Survey Laboratory Methods for Benthic Macroinvertebrate Processing and Taxonomy (December 2022)2/2/2023
Biological Monitoring and American Eel Passage in the Patapsco River, Maryland (October 2022)2/1/2023
Zebra Mussel Monitoring and Habitat Assessment For Deep Creek Lake, Maryland11/28/2022
Key to the Crayfishes of Maryland5/1/2019
MBSS Sampling Manual : Field Protocols1/29/2019
Manual to the Freshwater Mussels of MD2/1/2016
Maryland Stream Waders Volunteer Stream Monitoring Manual1/9/2015
2014 Update to MBSS Sentinel Site Report12/31/2014
MBSS Round 3 Fish Population Estimates11/13/2014
Water Quality Monitoring for Trust Fund Sites5/16/2014
Common Fish of Maryland10/22/2013
Study on Dam Removal on the Patapsco River5/1/2013
Stream Discharge Monitoring for Trust Fund Sites5/1/2013
Do Road Salts Cause Environmental Impacts?4/1/2013
Geomorphic Monitoring for Trust Fund Sites2/1/2013
Key to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Maryland1/1/2012
Guide to Using Round 1 and 2 (1995 - 2010) Maryland Biological Stream Survey Data5/10/2010
Key to the Freshwater Fish of Maryland12/1/2009
New Biological Indicators To Better Assess The Condition Of Maryland Streams; Volume 1612/1/2005
Stream Corridor Assessment - Lower Linganore Creek5/1/2005
Family-Level Key to the Stream Invertebrates of Maryland and Surrounding Areas (rev 2003)8/1/2003
A Physical Habitat Index for Freshwater Wadeable Streams in Maryland7/1/2003
Development of a Benthic Index of Biotic Integrity for Maryland Streams12/1/1998
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General Documents

Didymosphenia geminata Infestation in Maryland: Reactions and Responses by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, 2008-201412/1/2016
Monitoring freshwater mussel relocation in Deer Creek, Rocks State Park,6/1/2016
Quality Assurance Document for Temperature Monitoring2/3/2016
Relocation of freshwater mussels in Deer Creek, Rocks State Park, Maryland:6/1/2015
Maryland Stream Waders Volunteer Stream Monitoring Manual (2015)1/9/2015
Surveys for the Endangered Maryland Darter12/1/2012
Maryland Darter Survey12/1/2012
Maryland Stream Waders 10 Year Report10/1/2012
Key to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Maryland1/23/2012
2010 Sentinel Site Report4/1/2010
MBSS Sampling Manual : Field Protocols (Round 3: 2007-2009)2/1/2007
Eastern Mud Salamander Status in Maryland12/1/2006
Freshwater Bivalves of Maryland Field Identification Information8/1/2006
Stream Corridor Assessment - Ballenger Creek5/1/2005
Maryland Stream Waders Sample Year 2002 Report5/1/2003
Maryland Stream Waders Sample Year 2000 Report6/1/2002
Stream Corridor Assessment - Protocol Manual9/1/2001
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Fact Sheets

Freshwater Benthic Macroinvertebrates
Just Say No to Didymo - A Didymo factsheet
Stream Macroinvertebrates2/25/2016
The Threat of Introduced, Non-native Crayfishes to Maryland's Aquatic Ecosystems
Assessment of Water Quality in Streams of the Marcellus Shale Region
Maryland Waters: An Evaluation of Stream Health
Stronghold Watershed Fact Sheet
Long-term Monitoring Program Shows Improving Nitrogen Trends in Maryland's Rivers and Streams
Monitoring Results: Stream Restoration in the Magothy Watershed
Monitoring Results: Stream Restoration in the Red Hill Branch Watershed
Woody Debris is Good!
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Critter Posters

Crayfish of Maryland
The Maryland Darter
Frogs and Toads of Maryland
Lizards of Maryland
Salamanders of Maryland
Snakes of Maryland
Turtles of Maryland
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Technical Documents

Due to the large number in our archives, they can not all be listed here. If you are searching for a document that is not found above, please send us a Data Request, and we will be happy to assist you.