Maryland Water Monitoring Council

About Us

Stream WadersThe Maryland Water Monitoring Council (MWMC) was created in 1995 to foster cooperation among groups involved in all types of water monitoring activities in Maryland. The MWMC is interested in physical, chemical, and biological monitoring, as well as the evaluation of land use factors that affect changes in aquatic habitat quality and quantity, and the management actions intended to alleviate or minimize adverse effects on water resources.

The governing body of the MWMC consists of 21 members appointed to the Board of Directors by the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources; however, anyone who is actively involved in water monitoring, or the analysis of the associated data, is encouraged to participate in the MWMC’s committees and/or annual conferences.

The Board of Directors comprises individuals affiliated with:

  • federal, state, county, and municipal government agencies
  • universities
  • consulting groups
  • non-governmental organizations

The Board meets quarterly to provide strategic guidance to Council activities, identify and recruit committee and workgroup leadership, exchange programmatic information related to water monitoring in Maryland, and manage the Council's finances.

View the Maryland Water Monitoring Council Bylaws