Maryland Water Monitoring Council Committees

Monitoring and Assessment Committee

Contacts​: ​Byron Madigan and Michael Williams

This committee identifies water monitoring topics about which information exchange is needed--- via establishing contacts with appropriate groups, hosting focused workshops, and organizing technical sessions at the MWMC annual conferences.

Stream Restoration Monitoring Sub-Committee

Contacts: Bill Stack and Lisa Fraley-McNeil

The Stream Restoration Monitoring Sub-Committee tracks the monitoring of stream restoration projects being conducted in Maryland, as well as the latest research on the efficacy of various stream restoration practices. The group is made up of representatives from county and state agencies, environmental consulting, practitioners, and academia representing diverse experience, knowledge, and expertise in restoration monitoring and the application of results to stream management.

Citizen Science and Community Stewardship Committee

Contact: Rupert Rossetti

This group works to design and implement programs, activities, and tools to facilitate and improve citizen science and community stewardship. These programs, activities, and tools of the Council will focus on and assist watershed organizations, volunteer monitoring programs, and other non-traditional monitoring communities in Maryland.

Information Management and Communication Committee

Contact: Najma Kho​khar

This committee explores existing data management procedures employed in Maryland and develops recommended procedures for data management and quality assurance. It also maintains the repository on water monitoring programs.

Groundwater Committee

Contact​s​: Mat Pajerowski and Jason D​ubow

This committee will promote and facilitate collaboration on issues related to the monitoring and assessment of the quality and quantity of groundwater. It will consider the current state of groundwater monitoring, and will explore the need for documenting and disseminating information on groundwater monitoring activities. The Committee may promote the sharing and accessibility of groundwater quality data; and may consider and make recommendations on the needs, protocols and quality standards for monitoring in relation to specific threats or stressors to groundwater.

Student Committee

Contact: Lindsay DeMarzo

This group works to connect students (high school, undergraduate) with the Maryland Water Monitoring Council through workshops, projects, and the annual conference. These workshops and projects will link student’s skill sets to the appropriate needs of the MWMC (i.e., monitoring, GIS, data management).

Nominating Committee

Contact: Ken Mack

The primary responsibility of this committee is to evaluate potential Board members. Based upon recommendations from this committee, the Board will forward the names of members to the Secretary of Natural Resources for appointment to the Board.

Awards Committee

Contact: Clark Howells

This committee annually evaluates all nominations for the Carl Weber Award, selects the best qualified recipients from the nominees, and presents the award(s) at the Annual Meeting of MWMC members. The committee manages selection and presentation of other awards and certificates of recognition as approved by the Board of Directors.

Annual Conference Planning Committee

Contact: Katherine Hanna​​

This committee develops the annual conference agenda and handles all coordination for venue, conference theme, and speakers.

Planning Committee

Contact: Katherine Hanna​​

This committee develops short- and long-range plans for adoption by the Board to form and shape the future direction of the Council and its activities. The committee will solicit input from the membership of the MWMC and develop a list of needs and priorities, evaluate progress toward achieving short-and long-range goals and present these findings.​