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The Department of Natural Resources, Monitoring and Non-Tidal Assessment Division (MANTA), is currently accepting applications for a full time, permanent Natural Resources Biologist IV position. This position will manage personnel, instrumentation and monitoring activities as Continuous Monitoring Section Supervisor.

​This position will provide technical support for troubleshooting and repairing water quality, telemetry and meteorological instruments and equipment. This position will also supervise the quality assurance/quality control of water quality and meteorological data and is responsible for the reporting and submission of all data for the Continuous Monitoring Section. This position is responsible for collecting water quality data throughout the State of Maryland. Sampling will be conducted from boats, bridges, piers and within streams.

For more information or to apply, see the full job posting. Applications will be accepted through 7/15/2022.

The Green Life: How to Be Environmentally Conscious in College

College is a time of discovery. If you’re like many students, you’re starting to understand the things you are truly passionate about. Whether it’s social justice or political change, college can be a great time to start making a difference. If you’re driven to make our planet a greener place, you don’t have to wait until graduation to start making a real impact. You can start advocating for environmental change right from your college campus. In big ways and in small ways, there are countless steps you can take to make your contribution to environmental conservation in college. With more colleges doing their part to go green, you can even make a positive impact simply by enrolling. Between picking an environmentally friendly campus, educating others, and advocating for your cause, your little actions can make a big change. Learn what you can do to become a green student and find out how you can do your part to help slow climate change one day at a time. - https://www.edumed.org/resources/going-green-in-college/

Get Involved in a Committee!

The Stream Restoration Committee is re-forming under the leadership of Bill Stack (bps@cwp.org​) and Lisa Fraley-​McNeal (lfm@cwp.org) from the Center for Watershed Protection. The committee is open to new suggestions for issues on which to focus, so bring your ideas! This committee meets quarterly and welcomes new attendees.​ If you are interested in participating, please contact Bill or Lisa.

The Information Management and Communication Committee is looking for new members. This committee explores existing data management procedures employed in Maryland and develops recommended procedures for data management and quality assurance. It also maintains the repository on water monitoring programs. For more information or to sign up for the next meeting, contact Najma Khokhar at najma.khokhar@maryland.gov.