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Statewide Deer Harvest Increased 8% from Previous Year

Deer hunters harvested 76,687 deer during the combined archery, firearms, and muzzleloader seasons, from Sept. 9, 2022 through Feb. 3, 2023.
angler with hickory shad​​​

Maryland Fishing Report – March 22

The signs of spring are everywhere, and among them is the traditional opening day of Maryland trout season on Saturday, March 25 in many of the put-and-take trout management waters throughout the state. Trout anglers will be out fishing in their favorite waters and enjoying the generous stockings from Maryland Department of Natural Resources hatcheries.​
Secretary Josh Kurtz tours Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park and Visitor Center with rangers​​​​

Secretary’s Message – March 2023

Although our state parks welcome visitors all year, the arrival of spring means that visitation of Maryland’s vast public lands is about to increase. As I have made my way to Maryland Department of Natural Resources facilities across the state, I have seen the exemplary preparedness and dedication of the Maryland Park Service in action.

Landing Zone Maryland​​​

A guide for​ Veterans and families moving or retiring to Maryland. One of the landing zones is Ground Support. Getting outdoors, taking a hike, or exploring a historic site, are all ways to reduce stress, relax, and have fun. Learn about other Landing​ Zones here.

Buy Your Fishing License​​

​Our online COMPASS portal gives you 24/7 self service access to our entire product catalog of recreational licenses, permits and stamps.
Image of the app with hunters on a boat - Photo: Kimberley Kelly

Download the DNR App​​

AccessDNR is the official app from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for the State's outdoor enthusiasts.



How to Plant a Tree

Planting trees is one way that everyone can contribute to our shared vision. Trees provide ecological, economic and quality of life benefits – protecting air and water quality, reducing energy costs, increasing property values and beautifying neighborhoods and highways. Maryland has a goal to plant 5 million trees by 2027, learn more and how you can help here.​

​Check out this video with tips on how to not just plant, but GROW your new tree.​​ You can also get step-by-step instructions here.