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Wineberries are known for their bright red color and sweet, slightly tart taste. Photo by Anna Paff​​​​

Wineberries Are a Tasty Treat—and a Lesson in Invasive Species Management

Wineberries pop up every year, and it’s an increasingly common tradition in the area to pick these bright red, raspberry-like fruits from forests and trails. Their sweet, somewhat tart taste makes them a sought-after ingredient in baking or cocktail recipes, or they can be a quick snack, pulled straight from the bush.​
Bret Grossnickle found some quiet time and this beautiful smallmouth bass at Liberty Reservoir. Photo by Bret Grossnickle​​​​

Maryland Fishin​g Report – June ​12​

Summer breezes and warm temperatures set the stage for all kinds of fishing this week. Whether fishing in the Atlantic Ocean or Chesapeake Bay, or just lazily watching a fishing rod nestled in a forked stick at your favorite freshwater fishing hole, it’s all good. We can all find a bit of pe​ace and reflection wherever the outdoors takes us.

New Land Purchase Gives Wills Mountain State Park a Path for Public ​Access​​​​

The lookout is part of Wills Mountain State Park, a scenic stretch of land in Allegany County that’s been officially inaccessible to the public for decades. But a new property acquisition by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources will open the way for public access.

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Hiking at Tuckahoe State Park. Maryland Department of Natural Resources photo.

Secretary’s Message: Blaze a New Trail this Summer

June is Great Outdoors Month, and this year the month kicked off with National Trails Day. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources offers thousands of miles of great trails for hiking, biking, horse riding and other activities. ​​

Image of the app with hunters on a boat - Photo: Kimberley Kelly

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Maryland’s License-Free Fishing Days

Provide Access to Angling for All

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources will offer license-free fishing days for all state residents and visitors on June 1, June 8, and July 4. These annual events provide anglers a unique opportunity to explore the state’s diverse fishing without needing a fishing license, trout stamp, or registration.

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​​Photo by: Nicki Strickland