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Tree expert with a chainsaw

Find a Licensed Tree Expert

All tree care professionals practicing in Maryland must obtain a license. Without a license, they may not practice or advertise tree care services in the state.​​
Eastern Wild Turkey

Critter Highlight – Wild Turkey​

Of the five distinct subspecies in North America, only the Eastern wild turkey resides Maryland.​ Wild turkeys can be found in every county of the state
Sugarloaf Mountain in Frederick County - Photo: Edward Danielcyzk

Office of Outdoor Recreation

The Office of Outdoor Recreation was established to​ support and enhance outdoor recreation opportunities across the state.
Snowy Trail - Photo: Greg Wilburn

Maryland Park Service Passport

Purchase the new and improved Maryland state park pass. The passport is $75 for Maryland residents or​ $100 for out-of-state residents.
Seasonal worker fishing

​We're Hiring!​​

​Are you looking for a new career in the new year? The department is hiring! Keep an eye on our jobs board if you are looking for a career working for Maryland's natural resources.
Image of the app with hunters on a boat - Photo: Kimberley Kelly

Download the DNR App​​

AccessDNR is the official app from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for the State's outdoor enthusiasts.


Maryland State Parks​

​Maryland’s extraordinary, diverse, and beautiful public lands were the reason the National Geographic Magazine called the state of Maryland "America in Miniature". Maryland has everything from the Appalachian Mountain and the Chesapeake Bay to marshland on the Eastern Shore to the Atlantic Ocean. The best news is that there is a state park or forest within minutes of your home. ​

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