Welcome to the Tawes Garden Tour

Welcome to the Helen Avalynne Tawes Garden, an award-winning demonstration of Maryland’s diverse natural environments. This five-acre garden is designed to take you on a journey from the Appalachian Mountains of Western Maryland to the Atlantic Ocean beaches of the Eastern Shore.

That may seem impossible, but as you walk through the garden, you will begin to visualize and appreciate the varied natural landscapes that Maryland has to offer.

The garden is named in honor of Mrs. Helen Avalynne Tawes, a former first lady of Maryland. Governor and Mrs. Tawes shared a deep commitment to education and the preservation of Maryland’s natural beauty. After two terms as Maryland’s 54th Governor, Mr. Tawes served as the State’s first Secretary of Natural Resources.

This tour was developed for your enjoyment. We also hope you learn something of Maryland’s environment and gain a better appreciation of the need to conserve our natural resources for the use and pleasure of future generations.

Since the garden is constantly changing, we invite you to come back often to visit and see the changes that the seasons bring.

Because funds are limited and the garden staff is small, we are always thankful to our many volunteers and contributors. Both are greatly appreciated. If you care to learn about special events or support the garden, please visit the Friends of Tawes website.

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