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Thank you for your interest in the CJC Program. We will not be hosting the CJC Program for the Summer of 2024. Our organization is going through restructuring, and we are working on recreating a plan for this program. If you would like to be added to a contact list for future opportunities, please contact the Director of Conservation Corps programs for the Park Service, Ranger Sara Marcinak.

If you are a veteran or a young adult between the ages of 17-25, we have additional Conservation Corps opportunities for you to consider - the Maryland Veterans Conservation Corps and the Maryland Conservation Corps. Below are website links for both programs.

Maryland Veterans Conservation Corps - Veterans Conservation Corps

Maryland Conservation Corps - Maryland Conservation Corps

Sara Marcinak
Director of Conservation Corps
Maryland Park Service
Department of Natural Resources
P: (410) 260-8180
C: (443) 370-8246

Maryland Conservation Jobs Corps - Conservation Service, Reconnecting Youth and Nature