Maryland Conservation Jobs Corps (CJC)

Maryland Conservation Job Corps Members doing a variety of tasks

Upon the 75th Anniversary of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources expanded the Maryland Conservation Corps (MCC) to include a new initiative called the Maryland Conservation Jobs Corps (CJC). The CJC works in partnership with community youth organizations to provide conservation service opportunities for youth in Maryland State Parks.

The CJC is a unique summer program where you’ll be part of a team working to conserve and restore Maryland State Parks. Discover Maryland’s natural resources and gain the skills to protect them. Learn how to build bridges and trails, and how to make a rain barrel!

You will gain skills that will prepare you for many career opportunities and a lifetime of healthy outdoor recreation and interaction with nature.

Don’t worry, it’s not all work, there’s plenty of time for fun outdoors! Have you ever wanted to walk on a tight rope, or scale a climbing wall? How about hold a Great Horned Owl or a Corn Snake? Do it all this summer with the Maryland Conservation Jobs Corps!

Maryland Conservation Jobs Corps - Conservation Service, Reconnecting Youth and Nature ​