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Welcome to the striped bass fishery of Maryland, below are links to current and other useful information related to the fishery.​​


The Striped Bass Summer Fishing Advisory Forecast is an awareness campaign ​​
​​aimed to reduce striped bass mortality during the summer fishing season.
A color-coded recommendation system will advise of fishing conditions,
allowing anglers to plan their striped bass fishing trips up to seven days in advance.​

Photo courtesy of Michael Eversmier

​Current News​

​​ 2024

6/07/2024 Update
Fish Health Fact Sheet - Disease in Striped Bass
5/15/2024 Update
Maryland Summer-Fall 2024 Striped Bass Season Begins May 16​
5/7/2024 Updates
Maryland DNR Biologists Monitor a Critical Year of Striped Bass Eggs, Larvae​
4/25/2024 Updates
DNR Biologists’ Study: Older, Larger Female Striped Bass Produce Far More Eggs​
4/24/2024 Updates
Maryland’s Striped Bass Emergency Closure Continues into May​
​​2/12/2024 Updates
Two Studies by DNR Scientists Highlight Spawning Challenges for Striped Bass
2/09/2024 Update
Maryland Enacts Striped Bass Emergency Regulations to Increase Protections for the Spawning Population
1/31/2024 Update
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission's Addendum II Commercial Quotas
1/25/2024 Update
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission's Atlantic Striped Bass Board Approves Addendum II: Establishes Measures to Continue Progress Towards Stock Rebuilding



​Atantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

Atlantic striped bass (Morone saxatilis) are managed through the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission in state waters (0–3 miles) and through NOAA Fisheries in federal waters (3–200 miles). The management unit includes the coastal migratory stock from Maine through North Carolina. State waters fisheries for Atlantic striped bass are currently managed under Amendment 7 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan (FMP). Interested individuals are encouraged to visit the comm​ission's website to learn more on the complexities of this coastwide fishery.