Trout Stocking in Maryland

Latest Stocking Updates

  • Little Tonoloway Creek, Upper in Washington County was stocked with trout on April 2nd. Construction activities on site are limiting angler access to a very small area. This same area is scheduled to be stocked one additional time during the week of April 14th. To avoid angler interference with construction activities we will be diverting those allocated trout (200) to Licking Creek which is located in close proximity.
  • Avalon Pond/Lost Lake in Patapsco Valley State Park cannot be stocked with put and take trout due to flood damage and debris.
  • Laurel Lake in Laurel, MD cannot be stocked with put and take trout due to ongoing maintenance that has the lake drained.
  • Neither of these impoundments are expected to recover in time for them to be stocked during any portion of the put and take stocking season in 2019.

General Stocking InformationSport Fish Restoration

Spring trout stocking generally takes place during the middle of March through late May.  The department posts stocking updates on Facebook and Twitter and through its email news service. Lastly, anglers may also call 800-688-3467 and press option #1 to get a recorded weekly update when stocking is in process (usually updated on Fridays).  

Put-and-take areas have a five-trout limit and specific spring closures depending on location. Consult the Mary​land Guide to Fishing and Crabbing ​for closure dates and special management area restrictions.

The daily limit in areas (that are not put-and-take or special management areas) is two trout with no minimum size and no closed season, except in special trout management and put-and-take areas.

​Some trout fishing areas are subject to the 2019 Closure Schedule. 
  • Closure 0 means no restrictions and trout fishing is allowed. 
  • Closure 1 means areas are closed from 10pm March 10 until 5:30 am March 30, 2019 
  • Closure Period 2 means areas are closed from 10pm March 24 until 5:30 am March, 30, 2019

All areas are open to fishing at 5:30 a.m. on March 30, 2019. 

Girl with Trout

2019 Spring Trout Stocking​​

Stay tuned for daily updates once stocking begins​.

View the 2019 Spring Trout Stocking Schedule​.

Species Codes:

RB = Rainbow Trout; GN = Golden Trout; BN = Brown Trout​​

View the trout stocking locations map​​​​​.​

4/19/2019CarrollSouth Branch Potomac River (Marriottsville Rd.)1,000 RB/G
4/19/2019GarrettSouth Branch Potomac River (River Rd.)300 RB/G
4/19/2019MontgomeryGreat Seneca Creek2,000 RB/G/BR
4/19/2019MontgomeryIzaak Walton Pond450 RB/G
4/18/2019AlleganyGeorges Creek 900 RB/G
4/18/2019CalvertCalvert Cliffs Pond150 RB/G
4/18/2019CalvertHutchins Pond450 RB/G
4/18/2019CarrollBeaver Run450 RB/G
4/18/2019CarrollFarm Museum Pond450 RB/G
4/18/2019CharlesHughesville Pond 250 RB/G
4/18/2019CharlesMyrtle Grove Pond 850 RB/G/BR
4/18/2019GarrettYoughiogheny River, Oakland 900 RB/G
4/18/2019MontgomeryPatuxent River, Laurel650 RB/G
4/18/2019WashingtonLicking Creek900 RB/G
4/17/2019CarrollPiney Run 650 RB/G
4/17/2019GarrettBear Creek900 RB/G
4/17/2019GarrettSavage River1,200 RB/G
4/17/2019GarrettYoughiogheny River - Delayed Harvest900 RB
4/17/2019GarrettYoughiogheny River, Friendsville450 RB/G
4/17/2019HowardLittle Patuxent River 1,700 RB/G
4/17/2019Prince GeorgesCosca Lake 450 RB/G
4/17/2019Prince GeorgesGreenbelt Lake 450 RB/G
4/17/2019Prince GeorgesLake Artemesia 350 RB/G
4/17/2019Prince GeorgesMelwood Pond 300 RB/G
4/17/2019Prince GeorgesSchool House Pond300 RB/G
4/17/2019WashingtonAntietam Creek450 RB/G
4/17/2019WashingtonBeaver Creek1,750 RB/G
4/16/2019AlleganyBattie Mixon900 RB/G
4/16/2019AlleganyEvitts Creek1,350 RB/G
4/16/2019AlleganyEvitts Creek Ponds650 RB/G
4/16/2019AlleganyFlintstone Creek 900 RB/G
4/16/2019BaltimorePatapsco River, Avalon1,600 RB/G
4/16/2019FrederickCarroll Creek - under 16 or blind650 RB/G
4/16/2019FrederickFountain Rock Park Pond150 RB/G
4/16/2019WashingtonIsrael Creek450 RB/G
4/16/2019WashingtonLittle Antietam Creek - youth or blind400 RB/G
4/16/2019WashingtonLittle Tonoloway Creek - under 16 or Blind400 RB/G
4/15/2019AlleganyJennings Run 1,000 RB/G
4/15/2019AlleganyNorth Jennings Run Watershed200 RB/G
4/15/2019AlleganyWills Creek 1,300 RB/G
4/15/2019GarrettNew Germany Lake 900 RB/G
4/15/2019HarfordDeer Creek 2,400 RB/G
4/15/2019HarfordForest Hill Pond 300 RB/G
4/11/2019AlleganyTown Creek - Delayed Harvest1,350 RB
4/11/2019FrederickMiddlle Creek1,200 RB/G
4/11/2019GarrettBear Creek900 RB
4/10/2019CarrollSouth Branch Patapsco River - Delayed Harvest300 RB
4/10/2019CarrollSouth Branch Potomac River (River Rd.)400 RB/G
4/10/2019FrederickUrbana Lake 200 RB/G
4/10/2019FrederickWhiskey Springs Pond300 RB/G
4/10/2019FrederickWoodsboro Community Pond 200 RB/G
4/10/2019GarrettNorth Branch Potomac River - Delayed Harvest1,350 RB
4/10/2019GarrettNorth Branch Potomac River, Barnum900 RB/G
4/10/2019GarrettNorth Branch Potomac River, Westernport850 RB/G
4/10/2019Prince GeorgesLake Artemesia 400 RB/G
4/10/2019WashingtonAntietam Creek450 RB/G/BR
4/9/2019AlleganyOrchard Pond450 RB/G
4/9/2019AlleganyWhite Sulfer Pond450 RB/G
4/9/2019AlleganyWills Creek1,350 RB/G
4/9/2019BaltimoreGunpowder Falls, Lower1,750 RB/G
4/9/2019BaltimoreLittle Gunpowder Falls650 RB/G
4/9/2019BaltimoreStansbury Park Pond450 RB/G
4/9/2019FrederickFriends Creek900 RB/G
4/9/2019FrederickOwens Creek 1,750 RB/G
4/9/2019WashingtonBlairs Valley Lake900 RB/G
4/9/2019WashingtonIndian Springs Pond200 RB/G
4/8/2019AlleganyBattie Mixon900 RB/G
4/8/2019AlleganyCotton Cove250 RB/G
4/8/2019AlleganyLions Park Pond400 RB/G
4/8/2019FrederickBrunswick Pond300 RB/G
4/8/2019FrederickFrank Bentz Pond250 RB
4/8/2019FrederickMiddletown Community Pond 550 RB/G
4/8/2019GarrettCunningham Falls Lake 900 RB
4/8/2019GarrettSnowy Creek 450 RB/G
4/8/2019GarrettYoughiogheny River, Oakland 900 RB/G
4/8/2019HowardCentennial Lake1,550 RB/G
4/8/2019HowardElkhorn Lake1,100 RB/G
4/8/2019MontgomeryMartin Luther King Jr. Pond250 RB/G
4/8/2019MontgomeryNorthwest Branch2,000 RB/G
4/8/2019MontgomeryPine Lake450 RB/G
4/8/2019WashingtonGreenbrier Lake800 RB/G
4/4/2019CarrollFarm Museum Pond700 RB/G
4/4/2019CarrollTaneytown Pond450 RB/G
4/4/2019FrederickRainbow Lake450 RB/G
4/4/2019GarrettCasselman River - Delayed Harvest2,450 RB
4/4/2019Prince GeorgesCosca Lake 900 RB/G
4/4/2019Prince GeorgesGreenbelt Lake 650 RB/G
4/4/2019Prince GeorgesLake Artemesia 400 RB/G
4/4/2019Prince GeorgesTucker Pond 450 RB/G
4/3/2019BaltimorePatapsco River, Daniels900 BR
4/3/2019CarrollMorgan Run - Catch and Return1,350 BR
4/3/2019CarrollSouth Branch Patapsco River (River Rd.)400 RB/G/BR
4/3/2019FrederickBig Hunting Creek - Catch and Return400 RB
4/3/2019FrederickCarroll Creek - under 16 or blind650 RB/G
4/3/2019FrederickFountain Rock Park Pond200 RB/G
4/3/2019FrederickWoodsboro Community Pond 450 RB/G
4/3/2019GarrettNorth Branch Potomac River, Gorman750 RB/G
4/3/2019GarrettNorth Branch Potomac River, Kitzmiller 900 RB/G
4/3/2019GarrettPiney Reservoir 900 RB
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Felt Soled Waders and Shoe Ban

Felt-soled waders and wading shoes are now banned in the State of Maryland. Further information can be found through our FAQ on the felt sole ban.