2012 Activity Report Communications and Personnel

Reports/Publications/Press Releases

  • Tarnowski, M. 2012. Maryland Oyster Population Status Report - 2011 Fall Survey
  • Kimmel, D.G., M. Tarnowski, R.I.E. Newell. 2012. Long-term (1939 to 2008) spatial patterns in juvenile eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica, Gmelin 1791) abundance in the Maryland portion of Chesapeake Bay. J. Shellfish Research, 31: 1023-1031.
  • Submitted three reports describing the biology, autecology, and fisheries of three commercially valuable Chesapeake Bay clam species (softshell clam, razor clam, and northern quahog). The reports will be incorporated into the new Chesapeake Clam Fisheries Management Plan.
  • Co-authored NCBO Oyster Stock Assessment Project interim and year-end reports.
  • Two press releases drafted regarding the Upper Bay oyster mortalities of 2011 and the general results of the 2011 Fall Oyster Survey.
  • Article on the preliminary results of the 2011 Fall Oyster Survey submitted to the Watermen's Gazette.

Log Letters

Two log letters written addressing citizens concerns regarding commercial clamming in the Bay.

Web Site

The Shellfish Monitoring and Stock Assessment Program web site was launched in September. Initial pages provide a general overview of the program and an illustrated description of the Fall Oyster Survey, along with links to past reports.


Served as a reviewer of a document produced by the Blue Ocean Institute assessing the environmental footprint of the wild-caught Eastern Oyster fishery, encompassing the entire fishery from New England to the Gulf states. These reports are intended to educate consumers on the environmental impacts of various fisheries using scientifically sound methodology in examining them.


  • The R/V Miss Kay vessel mate resigned in April. This left only one person to staff the Deal Island facility.
  • A replacement vessel mate was hired in June though Maryland Environmental Services.
  • The two Shellfish Monitoring and Assessment Program MES personnel were converted to Maryland Department of Natural Resources employees in July.
  • A seasonal contractual was hired in July to assist at the Deal Island Facility.

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