2012 Activity Report

M. Tarnowski and D. White
Maryland Department of Natural Resources Shellfish Division - 6 February 2013


Mitchell Tarnowski, Natural Resources Biologist/Program Manager,
Dr. Mark Homer, Statistician,
Robert Bussell, Natural Resources Biologist,
Deal Island Facility:
David White, Vessel Captain/Facility Manager,
Thomas Wilson, Vessel Mate (started June,)
Daniel Taylor, Seasonal Contractual (started July),
Robert Lawrence, Vessel Mate (resigned April)

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: The staff of the Shellfish Monitoring and Assessment Program would like to thank all of the individuals who participated in the many surveys conducted over the past year for their valued assistance: Carol McCullough, Chris Judy, Steve Schneider, Maude Livings, Eric Weissberger, Frank Marenghi, Eric Campbell, Erik Zlokovitz, Alexei Sharov, Paul Parzynski, Eric Sakowski, James Dunhart, Ellen Cosby, Becky Thur, Matt Felperin, Andrew Keppel, Mindy Forsythe, Stephanie Meredith, Angel Willey, Lynn Fegley

Photographs Courtesy of: Chris Judy, Dave White and Robert Bussell