2012 Activity Report Collaborative Efforts

Potomac River Fisheries Commission

Self-Sustaining Oyster Fishery
Staff served on a Blue Ribbon panel charged with developing a plan for a self-sustaining oyster fishery in the Potomac River. Conducted surveys to delineate a seed planting location and for the post-planting evaluation.

Potomac River Oyster Survey

Potomac River Oyster Survey
Surveyed 19 oyster bars in the Potomac River as part of the annual Fall Oyster Survey accompanied by PRFC staff. Provided results to the PRFC to support management efforts.

NCBO Oyster Stock Assessment

This project is a collaborative effort involving VIMS, VMRC, UMd, and MDNR to develop a joint oyster stock assessment in Chesapeake Bay. As a co-investigator, participated in a meeting to consider extension of the current effort to develop a formal benchmark assessment for the entire bay. Drafted and submitted relevant sections for the interim and year-end reports.

UMd Vibrio Study

Potomac River Oyster Survey

Staff provided field support for a four-year UMd research project on Vibrio spp. in oysters in the Chesapeake Bay, which concluded in August. Although lab work and data analyses are still ongoing, a meeting was held to update the participants of the project.

Coastal Bays Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee

Participated as a member in the Coastal Bays STAC to provide expertise on issues concerning these bays. Presented findings of the Coastal Bays Shellfish Survey to the committee.

MDNR Resource Assessment Service

RAS staff assisted with the Coastal Bays Shellfish Survey, baseline Oyster Sanctuary Surveys, the Fall Oyster Survey, and Patuxent River razer clam mortality survey.

MDNR Aquaculture Division

  • An intensive patent-tong survey of the proposed lease sites within the St. Mary's River oyster sanctuary was conducted to determine densities and distributions of existing oyster populations on these sites. The findings were provided to the MDNR Aquaculture Division.
  • At the request of the Aquaculture Division, staff traveled to Virginia to inspect the suitability of shucking house shell for planting in Maryland waters.
  • Aquaculture Division staff assisted with the Oyster Sanctuary Surveys and Fall Oyster Survey.

Maryland Grows Oysters Project
Provided a vessel, occasionally a vehicle, and some staff support for MGO seasonal field work.

University of Delaware

Provided ship time and samples to a University of Delaware graduate student conducting oyster disease research in Maryland.

VIMS Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Survey

Provided submerged aquatic vegetation data collected as part of the Coastal Bays Shellfish Survey to VIMS for ground-truthing their aerial SAV survey.

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