Endangered Fish Species

Threatened and Endangered Fish Species and Fish Species in Need of Conservation in Maryland

The Department of Natural Resources, Fishing and Boating Services is actively engaged in managing threatened and endangered species. Any finfish or shellfish species that is determined to be endangered by the federal Endangered Species Act are protected under Maryland law. The Endangered Species Act prohibits the unauthorized taking, possession, sale and transport of endangered species. In accordance with the Endangered Species Act, Maryland recognizes and works to conserve species listed as threatened or endangered by the federal government. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) also works in cooperation with its partners to protect habitat valuable to the listed species. Additionally, the state has the ability through the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources to list a Maryland species as threatened or endangered given the following factors.

  1. The present or threatened destruction or modification of a species habitat or range
  2. Over exploitation for commercial, sporting, scientific, educational or other purposes
  3. Disease or predation
  4. Inadequacy of existing regulatory mechanisms
  5. Other natural or man-made factors that threaten its existence

Endangered Fish Species in Maryland

*Species Endangered Extirpated in Maryland - Species are designated "endangered extirpated" if no naturally occurring populations are known to exist despite having been a natal component of Maryland's flora or fauna.

Threatened Fish Species in Maryland

Species in Need of Conservation in Maryland

In order to ensure the continuation of sustainable fisheries and important ecological services, Maryland has designated species " in need of conservation". This designation may lead to additional conservation measures to enable the continuation of the species in Maryland waters. Species "in need of conservation" are species whose existence as parts of the state's natural resources are in jeopardy. Determination of a "species in need of conservation" can be obtained by information contained in stock status reports, commercial and recreational harvest reports and scientific literature among other sources. Local, state and private organizations work in cooperation with each other to effectively protect habitat vital to the designated species. In addition, listing a species as "in need of conservation" gives the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) the authority to develop and pass regulations to manage that species and obtain the desired management objectives.

Fish Species in Need of Conservation

  • Mud Sunfish
  • Swamp Darter
  • Striped Shiner
  • Striped Bass
  • Hickory Shad
  • American Shad
  • Yellow Perch
  • American Oyster​
  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Shark:
    • ​Carcharhiniformes
    • Hexanchiformes
    • Lamniformes
    • Orectolobiformes
    • Squaliformes Squatiniformes
  • Spiny Dogfish
  • Conch:
    • Knobbed Welk
    • Channel Welk
    • Lightning Welk
  • Scup​​
  • Bluefin Tuna
  • Monkfish
  • Swordfish
  • Billfish:
  • Walleye​
  • Bay Scallop
  • Snapper Group Complex: 
    • Queen snapper
    • Yellowtail snapper
    • Gray snapper
    • Mutton snapper
    • Lane snapper
    • ​Cubera snapper
    • Schoolmaster
    • Vermilion snapper
    • Red snapper
    • Silk snapper
    • Blackfin snapper
    • Black snapper
    • Red porgy
    • Knobbed porgy
    • Jolthead porgy
    • Whitebone porgy
    • Saucereye porgy
    • Grass porgy
    • Longspine porgy
    • White grunt
    • Black margate
    • Margate
    • Tomtate
    • Sailor's choice
    • Porkfish
    • Bluestriped grunt
    • French grunt
    • Cottonwick
    • Spanish grunt
    • Smallmouth grunt
    • Greater amberjack
    • Crevalle jack
    • Blue runner
    • Almaco jack
    • Banded rudderfish
    • Bar jack
    • Lesser amberjack
    • Yellow jack
    • Ocean triggerfish
    • Queen triggerfish
    • Hogfish
    • Puddingwife
    • Atlantic spadefish
    • Black grouper
    • Coney
    • Mahogany snapper
    • Gag grouper 
    • Goliath grouper 
    • Graysby
    • Misty grouper
    • Nassau grouper
    • Red grouper 
    • Red hind
    • Rock hind
    • Scamp 
    • Snowy grouper 
    • Speckled hind
    • Tiger grouper 
    • Warsaw grouper 
    • Wreckfish 
    • Yellowedge grouper 
    • Yellowfin grouper 
    • Yellowmouth grouper
    • Golden tilefish
    • Sand tilefish 
    • Dog snapper
  • Jonah crab
  • Cobia