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At the April 26, 2016 meeting of the Sport Fisheries Advisory Commission, the Commission recommended the creation of a Black Bass Advisory Committee. Since the early 1990’s the Department has hosted informal meetings, as needed, called the Black Bass Roundtable to discuss black bass management. Based on the black bass population status in the upper bay and Potomac River, further management actions are necessary to hasten the recovery of this fishery and the Black Bass Advisory Committee will make recommendations regarding these actions and Statewide management. The Black Bass Advisory Committee will be an organized Committee operating under the auspices of adopted guidelines with an appointed membership of Tournament Directors, Fishing Guides, conservationists, and bass anglers. The Committee will make recommendations on black bass management to the Sport Fisheries Advisory Commission.

The department will provide staff support. The Black Bass Advisory Committee will receive agendas, meet, discuss agenda topics, and develop recommendations that are reported directly to Sport Fisheries Advisory Commission. The Commission will report directly to the Secretary, when appropriate. The meetings will be open to the general public. Meeting minutes will be drafted following meetings and serve as communication to the general public that cannot attend.


Black Bass Advisory Committee members serve 4 years, with possible reappointment, and may continue to serve until a successor is appointed. Click here for a list of members. 


The Black Bass Advisory Committee (BBAC) was created in response to guidance from the Sport Fisheries Advisory Commission (SFAC). The SFAC recommended its creation with a purpose to explicitly provide the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the SFAC advice on black bass fisheries matters. 

The BBAC receives agendas, meets virtually, discusses agenda topics, and develops consensus on motions that advise the Director of Fishing and Boating Services for the department on matters referenced by the Director.  Meeting Minutes are drafted following meetings that are held quarterly and are reported directly to SFAC, and uploaded to the department's website.

Committee members will be expected to:

  • Participate in at least 3 of the 4 meetings per year, which are held virtually;   
  • Read distributed meeting information in advance of meeting;
  • Listen while at meetings to information provided in accordance with the agenda;
  • Prepare to communicate and discuss constituents' viewpoints at meetings;
  • Between meetings, maintain regular communication with the constituents and convey accurate information on department matters to them;
  • Provide feedback, identify problems, suggest solutions or compromises, and search for closure on department matters.

For questions, please contact Joseph Love​.