Coldwater Fisheries Advisory Committee

Purpose and Role

Coldwater fisheries are an integral part of Maryland’s natural heritage and have always been one of the pillars driving the state’s conservation efforts. While Maryland has experienced numerous successes in establishing multiple premier trout fisheries, creating and maintaining a robust stocking program, and protecting some of the most unique brook trout fisheries in the eastern United States, multiple challenges still remain in addressing habitat loss and degradation, as well as climate change.

The Coldwater Fisheries Advisory Committee was established by the Sport Fisheries Advisory Commission. Its purpose is to provide the commission with advice specifically on coldwater fisheries matters, such as habitat protection and restoration, regulatory and/or legislative policy changes, and trout stocking practices. Tasks and topics to be considered by the committee will be requested by the department or the commission, and reports from the committee meetings will be given at each commission meeting or as requested by the commission chair.