MD Provisional Charter Boat Permit

In order to accept direct or indirect consideration for providing services as a fishing guide in Maryland waters a person shall obtain a license or a Maryland Provisional Charter Boat Permit. Senate Bill 301 passed in the 2003 session of the Maryland General Assembly and provides for a Maryland Provisional Charter Boat Permit effective October 1, 2003. A Virginia charter boat licensee may request a Maryland Provisional Charter Boat Permit from the Department with this form. There is no charge for the permit.

Senate Bill 301 (§ 4-210.2) is briefly summarized as follows:

  • The Department may issue a Maryland Provisional Charter Boat permit if the person:
    • Is licensed by Virginia to operate a charter boat in its jurisdictional tidal waters; and
    • Provides the Department with documentation of fishing activity for 2001 and 2002 based upon licensing and reporting requirements of the Virginia Marine Resources Commission.
  • A permit issued by the department:
    • Is valid only for an authorized person operating a vessel for charter fishing trips originating from the tidal waters of Virginia; and
    • Is nontransferable.
  • A person in possession of a permit is not required to possess a Maryland commercial fishing guide license in order to operate a charter boat in tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.
  • A person operating a charter boat under the provisions of this section shall have all appropriate federal and State licenses and the required permit in possession whenever operating a charter boat.

Please allow at least one week to process your application. Your application must include: a completed application form, proof that you were a Virginia Charter Boat licensee in 2001 and 2002, a copy of your current coast guard license and current Virginia Charter Boat license.

Maryland Provisional Charter Boat Permits can not be processed at the licensing service centers.

Click here for a Fishing Guide Reciprocity Application

If you have any questions regarding the Maryland Provisional Charter Boat Permit, please contact Connie Lewis