Become a Charter Boat Guide

Man Holding a Largemouth Bass on BoatWe have worked with fishing guides to help develop this flow-chart to aid you either becoming a fishing guide or knowing what to expect from your hired fishing guide. At any step in the process, click on the box to be directed to the appropriate website. Please address questions to:

There are great guides who offer many years of experience fishing Maryland waters. Licensed guides not only know the waters, but they are required to have First Aid training and boater safety skills. These licensed guides can offer fun and safe fishing trips for anyone. Find your licensed fishing guide on Fisheries' Map of Licensed Charter Boats & Fishing Guides.

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How to become a Guide Flowchart Type LcprType LType FGR/FGNType NTTType NT Chesapeake Bay and Coastal Sport Charter Boat Licensemd boating safety courseUS Coast Guardlife jacketAdvertise with DNRapplication form

Are you Guiding in VA, DC, or PRFC Waters?
Are my Licenses Reciprocal with Other States?

CPR and First Aid
General Fishing Guide Provisions
MD Type NT, NTT, L Application
MD Type FGR/FGN License​
Charter Boat License
MD Boating Safety
U.S. Coast Guard Captain's License
Life Jackets
Advertise your Guiding Business ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​