Non-Shellfish Aquaculture

Any person engaged in aquaculture or related activities must first obtain an aquaculture permit. Permits are free of charge, and must be renewed every five years.

The Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) (Title 08 Department of Natural Resources, Subtitle 02 Fisheries Service, Chapter 14 Aquaculture, Natural Resources Article, 4), states that a person must apply for and obtain an aquaculture permit before operating a facility. "A person may not engage in aquaculture or related activities, own or operate an aquaculture facility ...conduct aquacultural activities involving finfish in the tidal waters of the State ...or propagate fish for aquacultural purposes without first obtaining a permit from the department."

Fishing and Boating Services will provide technical assistance for growing methods and aquatic disease control upon request. The aquaculture permit has a five-year duration, and is subject to review and renewal for additional five-year terms. An annual report is required for each permit summarizing efforts, including information of activities undertaken, production techniques utilized and the number or amount of finfish or other permitted species stocked and/or harvested. Failure to submit an annual report or to conduct the planned activities may result in Maryland Department of Natural Resources revoking the permit.

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Pond rearing fish or other permitted species for human consumption and/or commercial sale.

Finfish Aquaculture

Private Sources of Fish

According to Maryland State Law, it is unlawful to stock live fish into waters of the state without first obtaining a pond stocking permit from the Department of Natural Resources. It is undesirable to stock a pond with fish from another pond, lake or stream due to the potential introduction of disease and nuisance weeds.

To obtain a permits for chemical eradication of aquatic vegetation click this link: Maryland Department of Environment.

To get started you will need to fill out anAquaculture Permit Application - selling live fish is covered.

Note: For renewals and amending permits please resubmit application noting desired changes.

Fee Fishing Permit Application

Out of State Fish Supplier Registration.


Scientific Collection Permit Application


Non Shellfish Aquaculture 

Non Shellfish Aquaculture 

Non Shellfish Aquaculture 

Non Shellfish Aquaculture 

Non Shellfish Aquaculture 

Non Shellfish Aquaculture