FACTS Charter Reporting

​Spend more time being a waterman and less time reporting.

E-Reporting with FACTS will allow charter captains in Maryland's Chesapeake Bay and tributaries to submit harvest reports directly to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources electronically on the day of harvest. The FACTS mobile web application will allow the license holders to have 24/7 access to all of their harvest records, provide fisheries managers real-time harvest information, and could help to manage your business. You can report on your desktop, tablet, smartphone, or through the call center.

Program Update - March 31, 2020: Due to the Stay at Home Order by Governor Hogan, the April E-Reporting with FACTS Charter training sessions have been canceled. Online and video training for new users will be available towards the end of April.
The E-Reporting Team is working remotely, and the development of the Charter Pilot continues to be on-time for the May 1 start of the season.

Please consider the following options - Email FisheriesEReporting.dnr@maryland.gov to learn more:
  • Online Training - An independent option for those used using mobile technology.
  • Mentoring - Know a FACTS user? See if they can show you the basics and we'll provide the training support.
  • Fast FACTS Video - Currently in development, this virtual classroom approach will cover the basics for FACTS and help you get ready to use it for Charter reporting.  We hope to have this option available by late April, to support participants who are unable to attend a group session.

​​​​​​​​​​NOTE:  All program participants need a DNRid in order to have a FACTS account.  If you need a DNRid, please use the COMPASS Tutorial to sign-in and create an account in the COMPASS licensing system​ to have one assigned to you.

Coming - Spring of 2020!

Thank you for your interest in the E-Reporting with FACTS Charter Pilot Program. We appreciate the participation of those industry members who attended the Fall 2019 informational meetings and provided their insights into how real-time reporting can benefit the for-hire fleet.

The second meeting of our Charter Pilot Program volunteers was held on March 3, 2020. The design of the E-Reporting with FACTS user interface for reporting charter trip information and account preferences was reviewed in detail. Recommendations from the volunteers for reporting harvest disposition and landing locations was also discussed. A final volunteer meeting, to begin testing the new system, will be held in advance of the anticipated spring 2020 launch of the charter pilot. Contact Stephanie Richards​, the Program Coordinator, to learn more. 


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Missing harvest reports? Get a harvest report checkup and submit any missing reports prior to joining the program. You can print blank copies of all the required harvest reports online. Please contact the commercial harvest reporting group at​ FisheriesHarvestReport.dnr@maryland.gov​ or 410-260-8301 for assistance.

Have a TFL or other finfish license? If you are interested in joining the FACTS program for your Blue Crab and/or Finfish reporting, contact us today to get started. As a FACTS user, you’ll already have an active account when the Charter program goes live. There are several options for learning how to report electronically and we can help you find the way that works best for you.

  • Online Training: Comfortable with independent learning online and using your smartphone to navigate the web? Contact us to see if the FACTSTM Online Training option is right for you.
  • Self-Training Option for SAFIS users: If you are a current SAFIS user, please contact us to learn more about using the Online Training option for switching to FACTSTM. With FACTSTM, there are no negative reports and you’ll be eligible for our special program flexibilities.
  • Mentoring: Do you know a FACTS user who is able to show you how the system works? Then contact us to get your electronic reporting account ready and we'll provide the training support to help you get started.

For more information, contact the program coordinator,
Stephanie Richards,