FACTS Shellfish Reporting

Spend more time being a waterman and less time reporting.

Shellfishing Fleet

Shellfish Harvester and Dealer Pilot Programs - Ready for the 2022 - 2023 Season!

As with the previous pilot programs all harvest activity is reported in real-time, before the waterman lands their catch. Roving monitors will be active during the season, verifying approximately 10% of all shellfish trips reported. The program's real-time reporting requirement and dockside verification by monitors, are what make the permit's Special Harvest Flexibilities for participants possible. Participating dealers are able to process electronic buy tickets for both FACTS and non-FACTS harvesters. 

Training is Provided - Developed in partnership with industry, these pilot programs add new features and functionality to the FACTS system. The first group of volunteers field testing the system have provided valuable feedback for the program's development. The pilot is now open to all Maryland Chesapeake Bay commercial Oyster and Clam harvesters. Certified shellfish dealers are able to have their MDH status confirmed and be added to the Shellfish Dealer pilot.

Flexibilities for Shellfish Harvesters: 
  1. Pilot participants can designate authorized representatives to take their harvest to dealers under their license. Authorized representatives must be commercially licensed individuals allowed to harvest shellfish and be participating in the Shellfish FACTS pilot program.
  2. Pilot participants licensed to harvest shellfish in the Chesapeake Bay can start harvesting ​up to 1/2 hour before sunrise by electing to daily report using FACTS as part of their start hail for each trip.
  3. Pilot participants will observe the same total hours workday as non-FACTS users so that if they elect to start early they must cease harvesting
    1. Oysters by 2:30 p.m. when using shaft tong, patent tong, dredge boat, diving apparatus, or power dredge
    2. Oysters at least 1/2 hour before sunset when using a dredge boat propelled by means of an auxiliary yawl boat; and
    3. Clams at least 1/2 hour before sunset.​
You can review the Shellfish Harvester and Shellfish Dealer Program Permit Agreements to see the complete details for program flexibilities and requirements.​​​
Still have questions?  Please contact Stephanie Richards, the E-Reporting Program Coordinator at FisheriesEReporting.DNR@maryland.gov or 410-260-8314.