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Since all Maryland Check Stations participate in the E-Reporting with FACTSTM program, Striped Bass harvesters can bring their catch to any authorized location(s) for verification. Since FACTSTM tracks their remaining allocation in real time, participants no longer use a quota share card. When they arrive at the check station, all they need to provide is their license number and the check station’s FACTSTM account will do the rest. The check station operator then enters the count and weight so that the harvester (or their Authorized Representative), can enter their username and password to confirm the check-in. Both the check station and the harvester get instant confirmation of the check-in through their individual FACTSTM accounts.

Simple. Fast. Accurate.​

Training for check station operators and staff is available. Please contact Stephanie Richards, the E-Reporting Program Coordinator at FisheriesEReporting.DNR@maryland.gov or 410-260-8314 for more information.

Check Station Manual Cover Page Check Station Training Guide​

Program Benefits Include:

For the Check Stations:

  • Powerful Business Tool:
    • FACTSTM account saves a record of every check-in at your station
    • Search your records by date, harvester or license number
  • No need to use the Daily Log Book for FACTSTM check-ins
  • No quota share card for either ITQ or Common Pool participants
  • Customer service with our 24 hr Helpline 1-877-979-1820

For the Participant:

  • Special Incentives
    • Next day check-in of harvest
    • Authorized Representative for same day check-in of harvest
  • No longer need a quota share card – FACTSTM tracks it for you!
  • Real time receipt confirmation of check-in (text message and/or email)
  • FACTSTM account saves a record of each check-in for every station
  • Customer service with our 24 hr Helpline 1-877-979-1820

Resources for Current FACTSTM Users

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