The Maryland Envirothon Aquatic Ecology Resource Site

This is a resource for advisors and students participating in the Maryland State Envirothon competition. It is not inclusive of all content you may need to know for the state competition. Students are expected to have a general understanding of the basics of aquatic ecology and resource management, how to identify common aquatic wildlife and invasive species, and how to assess and improve water quality.

Please feel free to contact Monserrat Pizarro​ at if you have any questions.

Training Resources:

​Study Guide:

Test Question Resources:

Questions for the test were generated from each resource listed below. In the case of web page links, only the opening page of the link was used for question generation unless marked otherwise. With PDF documents, students should study the complete document, unless specific pages are listed.

* = Provided at State Test

Additional Resources:

In addition to the resources listed above, you can find useful information below about various aquatic topics. Keep in mind that test questions do not come directly from these sources.



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