Project Green Classrooms

Promoting outdoor learning, discovery, healthy play, and career explora​tion in Maryland

This is a PDF FileGovernor Hogan proclaims April 2021 as Environmental Education Month​

Copy of the proclamation and kids learning about a luna moth

On June 8, 2017, Governor Larry Hogan signed a new This is a PDF FileExecutive Order establishing Project Green Classrooms, renewing Maryland’s commitment to environmental education to ensure that every child in Maryland has the opportunity to learn about their local environment, develop a connection with nature, and have a better sense of place in their natural surroundings. The initiative will promote outdoor experiential activities and environmental education through Maryland’s schools, communities and public lands.

Mission: To mobilize resources to ensure that Maryland’s youth experience, understand, and learn to conserve the natural environment.

The initiative serves as an advisory body, working collectively across multiple disciplines and public and private sectors to identify gaps and barriers, and make recommendations to decision-makers regarding solutions that will bring about change in the areas of environmental literacy, nearby nature, and career pathways for youth. The group works to:

  • Promote and build support for use of the outdoors for learning, discovery, healthy play, and career exploration.
  • Support educators and education systems in advancing environmental literacy through planning, training, exchange of best practices, linking schools with partners, and more.
  • Increase access to “nearby nature,” to assure opportunities for youth and others to experience nature within close proximity of communities, or to reach larger natural places (through collaboration with local and state planning authorities on green space initiatives, supporting and promoting parks and public lands, and more).
  • Serve our future generation of innovators who will solve environmental challenges, by preparing our youth for 21st century environment-based careers and ‘green’ jobs through workforce development and other enrichment programs.

Project Green Classrooms is an enhanced and expanded group set to advance these priorities in new and collaborative ways. It will build on work that has developed since 2008 through the Maryland Partnership for Children in Nature.

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