The Department of Natural Resources

Inspired by nature, rooted in science.

shoreline by the bay with marshland and the sun setting in the background  

Vision Statement

Inspired by nature and rooted in science to improve and grow stewardship for Maryland’s natural resources.

Mission Statement​

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources leads the state toward a resilient future by using data, partnerships, and an innovative spirit to improve ecological, social, and economic outcomes for all Marylanders.


Senior Staff

  • Josh Kurtz, ​Secretary
  • David Goshorn, PhD., Deputy ​Secretary
  • Paul Peditto​, Acting Assistant Secretary​​ Land Resources​
  • ​​Kristen Fidler​​​, Assistant Secretary Aquatic Resources​
  • Julia Solomon, Assistant Secretary ​Enterprise Services
  • A.J. Metcalf, Director,​​​ ​Office of Communications

Organizational Chart

Annual Report