Aquatic Invasive Species Work Group

The Aquatic Invasive Species Workgroup's mission is to:

"FOR the purpose of prohibiting an owner of a vessel from placing the vessel or having the vessel placed in a lake at a public launch ramp or public dock after a certain date unless the owner has taken certain actions; making an owner who violates this Act subject to certain penalties; requiring the Department of Natural Resources to convene a certain workgroup to evaluate actions that reduce the spread of aquatic invasive species from vessels placed in lakes that are owned or managed by the State; requiring the workgroup to make certain recommendations and to submit a certain report to certain committees of the General Assembly on or before a certain date; providing for the application of this Act; and generally relating to the decontamination of vessels."

View the full text of the bill that formed the workgroup here: HB860

Work Group Chair:

Bruce Michael
Director, Resource Assessment Service
Maryland Department of Natural Resources

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