Maryland 100% Study

​​The Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2019 (CEJA) directed the Power Plant Research Program (PPRP) to conduct a study on the feasibility, and costs and benefits, of increasing the Maryland Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to 100% by 2040. CEJA also directed PPRP to identify industries and communities that could be negatively impacted by a 100% RPS and to evaluate transition arrangements for affected workers and communities. In addition, per agreement between the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Vice Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, this study will also look at a 100% clean energy requirement, based on the Governor’s proposed Clean and Renewable Energy Standard legislation that was introduced (but not enacted) in the 2020 and 2021 sessions of the Maryland General Assembly.

To this end, PPRP has assembled a study working group and initiated the study, which is due to the Governor by January 1, 2024 – please see below for additional information about the study.

Working Group Members


The Maryland 100% RPS Study Working Group is composed of members representing energy industry, utilities, State and local agencies, energy advocacy organizations, and other interested parties.

Study Status


The Power Plant Research Program (PPRP) held a virtual study kick-off meeting with the Working Group on August 25, 2021. PPRP will accept comments from the working group by September 30, 2021, regarding baseline assumptions to the input-output model before running the baseline scenarios. Results of the initial modeling runs are anticipated to be shared with the working group by November/December 2021.

In accordance with the Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2019, the PPRP shall submit a final report on the 100% Renewable Portfolio Standard Study to the Governor by January 1, 2024.​

Meeting Schedules/Agendas/Presentations/Minutes

Contact Information and Public Comments


Point of Contact

Fred Kelley
Power Plant Research Program
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Phone: 410-260-8672

Public Comment

The department is committed to assuring public participation and stakeholder involvement in all the department's activities through numerous programs that encourage public participation and public responsibility in order to achieve Maryland's goals.

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