Planting Resources

Now that you are a leaseholder, a variety of programs are available to help aid in making your business successful. These programs include:


The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is partnering with Maryland Agricultural and Resource-Based Industry Development Corporation and Natural Resources Conservation Service to help make affordable, subsidized loan financing available to commercial watermen, other individuals and businesses wishing to start or expand shellfish aquaculture operations.

Maryland Agricultural and Resource Based Industry Development Corporation

The Maryland Agricultural and Resource-Based Industry Development Corporation has two oyster aquaculture loan programs available:

  1. Maryland Shellfish Aquaculture Loan Fund
  2. Remote Setting Shellfish Aquaculture Loan Fund


As Maryland's aquaculture industry expands, shellfish growers will likely need to purchase seed. Below are two hatcheries in the State of Maryland that can assist you with your seed needs.

Horn Point Lab  - University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Horn Point Oyster Hatchery

To better serve Maryland's watermen and shellfish growers, the University of Maryland's Horn Point Hatchery is working cooperatively with the Oyster Recovery Partnership and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to produce and offer high quality oyster larvae, seed and shell (shell for aquaculture remote setting only). We offer a variety of C. virginica larvae, cultchless seed and spat on shell in various sizes, including disease resistant stocks and limited quantities of triploids (with 60 days advance order).

Piney Point Hatchery  - Piney Point Aquaculture Center

Piney Point Aquaculture Center is the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fishing and Boating Services shellfish hatchery (St. Mary's County). This facility specializes in oyster production and related services to support oyster habitat restoration projects, the aquaculture industry, the commercial fishing industry and the Marylanders Grow Oysters program.


Remote Setting

Maryland Agriculture and Resource Based Industry Development Corporation

Remote Setting Shellfish Aquaculture Loan Fund



The Department of Natural Resources and the University of Maryland Extension offices maintain directories of shellfish growers, nursery operators, hatcheries, and equipment suppliers in Maryland. This information may be included in marketing publications. See:

Please contact Katie Busch at 410-260-8342 or if you have any questions regarding public health concerns.

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