Local Planner Training Information

Critical Area Training for Local Planners

Training Sessions in 2022​

Day 1: Critical Area 101 and Project Submittals

Day 1: Session 1: Critical Area 101 (Alex DeWeese and Mike Grassmann)

Day 1: Session 2: Project Submittals: Project Notification Form, Site Plans, and Buffer Management Plans (Susan Makhlouf)

Day 1: Session 3: Local Projects: Coordinated Review Process, Consistency Report Form, and Conditional Approval Form (Charlotte Shearin and Annie Sekerak)

Day 2: Stormwater Management

Session 1: Introduction to Critical Area SWM (Annie Sekerak)

Session 2: Critical Area Stormwater Guidance Manual and "Stormwater Review Cheat Sheet for Planners” (Michael Grassman)

Session 3: Demonstrations (Alex DeWeese and Susan Makhlouf)

Day 3: Enforcement

Session 1: Enforcement

Prior Training

PowerPoint Presentations​

Comprehensive Review of Critical Area Programs

Critical Area 101 & Local Project Review

Fee-In-Lieu Funding Options - Calvert County Reforestation Program

Fee-In-Lieu Funding Options - CBT

Fee-In-Lieu Funding Options - Cecil County Green Infrastructure

Fee-In-Lieu Funding Options - Invasives Management

Fee-In-Lieu Funding Options - Stormwater and Water Quality Management

Fee-In-Lieu Funding Options - Watershed Restoration​

Program Alternatives - Baltimore City Offset Fee Program

Program Alternatives - Baltimore County Modified Buffer Areas

Program Alternatives - Charles County Erosion Control Above Mean High Water

Program Alternatives - Dorchester County Buffer Plantings

Program Alternatives - Talbot County Buffer Standards​

Program Alternatives - Town of Oxford Coastal Resiliency