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Mapping Update Project

marsh image In the Spring of 2008, legislation was passed and signed into law that required the State to work cooperatively with local governments to update the Critical Area Maps in all affected jurisdictions. The legislation directed the Department of Natural Resources to prepare a Statewide Base Map that includes a State-determined shoreline and landward boundary of tidal wetlands and a digitally generated, geo-referenced 1,000-foot Critical Area boundary, as appropriate for integration into a Geographic Information System.

This Critical Area Mapping Update will allow local Critical Area maps to:

  • Be incorporated into the Maryland iMap System;
  • Facilitate access to official Critical Area Maps via the internet;
  • Use current aerial imagery as a base map; and
  • Reflect current shoreline and wetland conditions.

The resulting Critical Area Maps will provide a uniform, consistent, and seamless map product that can be easily updated and accessed by the public.

Public Information Meetings

Due to the current public health emergency, the Critical Area Commission is unable to host an in-person public information meeting concerning the Critical Area Map update. If you are a property owner who recently received a letter from Chairman Charles Deegan, concerning the addition of your property into the Critical Area, please watch the public information video below. This video will more fully describe how the map update may affect your property.

Click here to watch the public information video.

Our office is not fully staffed at the current time. Therefore, we ask that you contact us by submitting questions or comments in the form below to expedite a response.

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If you still prefer to telephone or email us directly as indicated on your letter here is that information again:

Jason Schwab
Cecil County Planning and Zoning
(410) 996-5220
Email at​

Bryan Lightner
Town of Charlestown
(410) 287-6173
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Bob Cicconetti
Critical Area Commission for the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays
(410) 260-3460
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Interactive Mapping Tool

If you are interested in finding out if your property is in the Critical Area or viewing the updated Critical Area boundary and designations, click here to access a map viewer that allows you the opportunity to input your property information and view the updated Critical Area boundary and designations.


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