Current Regulation Requests and Disposition of Regulations


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The Boat Act Advisory Committee received petitions for the following Boating Regulation Change Requests in 2020.

SEVERN RIVER: 6 Knot All Times requested 220 yards from the Naval Academy. Proposed demarcation will extend within 20 yards west of U.S. Aids to Navigation - Green Can #13 to the third western column from center of the Naval Academy Bridge.

MILL CREEK AT MARTINS COVE ENTRANCE: 6 Knot Saturday, Sunday and State Holidays All Year. Relocate demarcations combining both Martins Cove and Mill Creek, prior to intersection fork.

MAGOTHY RIVER – South Shore: Cool Spring Cove at Forked Creek requesting relocating 6 Knot All Year current regulation demarcation approximately 400’ North (downstream) to: Latitude 39° 3.893’ N.

SOUTH RIVER: Riva Bridge current regulation area of 6 Knots on Saturday, Sunday and State Holidays during the Boating Season, be upgraded to coincide/sync with the downriver Route 2 Bridge, which the Speed Limit for this area is 6 Knots.

HARRIS CREEK: Talbot County

Upper Harris Creek, East of Cummings Creek, 6 Knot All Times.

TRED AVON RIVER: Talbot County

6 Knot All Times, beginning at the entrance/intersection into Jacks Creek, continuing upriver and ending in the vicinity of Talbot County’s - Easton Point Landing/Boat Ramp by U.S. Aids to Navigation - DAYBEACON RED #22.

DEEP CREEK LAKE – North Glade Cove: Garrett County

Minimum Wake Zone / 6 Knots or below All Times / Prior processed by the Deep Creek Lake Policy and Review Board.​


The official comment period for regulations is as listed in the publication date that appears in the Maryland Register.

If interested in more information on how to petition for a Boating Regulation Change Request, please contact Mike Simonsen’s Desk: (410) 260-8272 or by Email:


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