Boating Safety

State Requirements for Recreational Vessels

Maryland's waters offer wonderful opportunities for recreational boaters. With the ever-increasing number of boaters on our waters, it is the responsibility of all of us to work together to ensure that our waters are clean and safe. Please read o​​​​ur​ ​guide to safe and responsible recreational boating in Maryland​.  It contains everything you'll need to know in regards to recreational boating in Maryland and it will help you to make your boating experience a memorable one.

Cover of the Maryland State Requirements for Recreational Boating Cover of the Maryland State Requirements for Recreational Boating en Espanol

  • Rental Vessel Safety Information Sheet
    This safety information sheet is required reading for those renting a motorized vessel (not a PWC) on Maryland waters if born on or after July 1, 1972.  After reading this document, the rental company will then issue a 10 day temporary boating safety certificate stating that this document was read and understood by the renter.

  • Equipment Checklist for MD Vessels (It is suggested that everyone who has the State Requirements publication should download this and keep it with that publication).