Controlled Waterski Areas

​​Maryland waters offer wonderful opportunities for recreational boaters. With the ever-increasing number of boaters, it is everyone’s responsibility to work together to ensure that our waters are safe and clean.

Water-skiing, along with being towed on a tube, kneeboard, or any other device, is very popular with Maryland boaters. These activities are both fun and challenging; however, towing people on skis or any other device requires additional knowledge and skills. Please invest the time to educate yourself in the practices necessary to be safe and responsible by reviewing the laws and safety tips in this brochure.

Image of a waterskier behind a ski boat on a slaloam course

A DNR Ski Sticker affixed to your vessel is required in order to practice in a controlled ski area.   There are currently three (3) Controlled Water Ski Areas in Maryland waterways for the purpose of practicing on a water ski slalom course.  Additional information is located in COMAR

The three controlled water ski courses are located
in Maynadier Creek, Sun Rise Beach both in the Severn River and in the South River. 



Vessel owners may request a DNR Ski Sticker if they have a registered vessel on the approved list of water ski vessels found in COMAR ​ 

If your vessel is not on the list, you must have a qualified Controlled Water Ski Course designee review your vessel application for compliance. Qualified designees may include DNR staff, including the Boating Stakeholder Coordinator, Controlled Ski Course Army Corps of Engineers permit holders, Maryland Water Ski Club chairpersons, or other qualified individuals.

To obtain a DNR Water Ski sticker click here to fill out an application