Notice of Public Hearings


  • ​I. Hearing Officer will call meeting to order and provide background for proposed regulation
  • II. Hearing Officer will cite the specific state statue that requires the hearing​​
  • III. Hearing Officer will explain the code of conduct for the hearing​
  • IV. Hearing Officer will explain the process for those wishing to testify

Attendees sign attendance sheet. Testimony will be recorded. Speakers shall limit comments to three minutes. If speaking for an entire group (i.e. community, organization, etc), spokesperson will identify what group he/she represents and be permitted to speak for up to ten minutes. Those testifying will be allowed to speak only one time at the hearing.​
  • V. Hearing Officer will explain the public comment period and how to submit written comments after the hearing
  • VI. Hearing Officer will explain the procedures following the hearing
  • VII. Hearing Officer will accept testimony
  • VIII. Closing statement by Hearing Officer