Boating Studies, Reports and Plans

Maryland Department of Natural Resources produces plans, reports and studies in an effort to address and/or explore issues that affect recreational boating in the state. State funded public boating facilities, access sites, and public navigation channels make up the boating infrastructure of the State and are essential to marine trades, the boating industry, waterfront communities and businesses, tourism, and commercial watermen. Boating contributes up to $2 billion to the state’s economy.

Here are some of the publications produced by Boating Services:

Statewide Boater Needs Assessment: A Survey of Transient Boaters in Maryland (2021​)

Maryland Recreational Boating and Fiscal Analysis Study (2013)

Waterway Improvement Capital Programs, Benefits, Needs, and Opportunities: A Response to the 2011 Joint Chairman's Report (2011);
Maryland's Recreational Boating and Infrastructure Plan (2005)