What is the BIG Program and what transient vessel needs does it support?

Thank you for exploring Maryland’s BIG Program! Funds available through this state-federal partnership have the specific purpose of addressing unmet public transient (up to 15 days) dockage needs of recreational vessels 26’ or larger. These transient vessels generally require a minimum depth of 6’ mean low water.

If you own a marina/facility that provides transient dockage to large, recreational vessels and this facility is inadequate to meet the transient dockage needs of this specific user group, you are encouraged to explore pursuing BIG funding. Keep in mind that all marinas need renovation from time to time, however, the BIG program is focused ONLY on the unmet public transient dockage needs of recreational boats 26’ or larger. Routine marina renovations to support facility improvements for non-transient boating activities - such as long-term dockage, commercial use, or transient dockage for recreational vessels less than 26’ - are not eligible for BIG funding.

Additionally, marinas and facilities requiring membership to access are generally not qualified to apply unless the charter is changed to allow access to the general boating public. Whether publicly or privately owned/operated, marinas/facilities must allow public access to the general boating public and charge equitable fees once BIG grant funds are used for the improvements.


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