Upland Game Birds in Maryland

Two Bobwhite quail in a field of violets

Habitat Issues

  • Upland Wildlife Habitat Recommendations
  • Mowing and Upland Wildlife
  • Planting Shrubs for Wildlife
  • Management Incentives for Landowners
  • Habitat for Wildlife
  • ​ ​"Bobwhite Basics”
  • Northern Bobwhite Quail Fact Sheet

  • Special Permit Requirements

  • Regulated Shooting Areas
  • Game Husbandry Permit
  • Retriever Dog Training Permit
  • Other Links

    • National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative
    • Bobscapes
      • The "Bobscapes" Mobile App will help researchers better understand population dynamics and help managers direct resources for habitat work to the areas where those investments will be most effective in recovering the species. Additionally, for those interested, the app will connect landowners to technical experts who can make habitat recommendations and share information on voluntary cost share programs. Lastly, the data provided will assist wildlife biologists in creating a national habitat network of “Bobwhite landscapes” necessary to ensure this species persists for future generations!
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