Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers


Two NRP officers looking at illigally caught fish on their boat.Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers was established to increase public awareness of the impact of illegal harvesting of fish and wildlife populations, and encourage anyone with knowledge of these activities to connect with Maryland Natural Resources Police.

Citizens who supply Maryland Natural Resources Police with information leading to the arrest and conviction of a suspect are eligible to receive cash rewards through a partnership with Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers. Tipsters should give names, addresses, vehicle descriptions, and as much information as possible. The anonymity of the caller is guaranteed.

Add this number to your cell phone contact list! 443-433-4112

Information can be relayed anonymously by email, phone or text to dispatchers, who will alert the nearest patrol officer.

To contact Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers, citizens can call or text 443-433-4112, email, or report violations using the department’s free mobile app. Donations to Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers can be sent to: 580 Taylor Ave., E-3, Annapolis, Maryland 21401.

We need everyone’s support in our vigorous pursuit and prosecution of criminals who illegally catch, hunt or trap our fish and wildlife resources. As a result of working together, illegal harvesting will be deterred for current and future generations.

Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers depends solely on financial support from corporate, individual and public donations or gifts.