Project EduBat Trunk

Did you know? Bats are extremely important organisms that provide crucial pest control, pollination, and seed dispersal services around the world. Unfortunately, many bat species in the eastern United States are in severe decline due to the deadly white-nose syndrome.

Help connect students and others with the wonderful world of bats through our free Project EduBat education trunk! Currently the trunk is available at 5 locations in Maryland. It contains multiple guides and books on bats, engaging and hands-on lesson plans, and items to teach about bats.If you cannot borrow the trunk but want to check out some bat education lesson plans, then please visit the Project EduBat page here:

EduBat Trunk Contents 

What’s Inside?

Books/Education guides:

  • Education guide with Maryland bat information, activities, and more!
  • Discover bats- Multimedia Education kit
  • Project Underground (Karst education) Guide
  • The Case of the Vanishing Little Brown Bats book
  • Bats A to Z book
  • Stoke’s Beginners Guide to Bats
  • Bat Count: A Citizen Science Story
  • Little Red Bat
  • What is a Bat?


  • Caves of Maryland
  • Bat Resource CD

Hands-On Items

  • Folkmanis Little Brown Bat puppet
  • Freetail bat plushie
  • Bat Skeleton Display
  • Little Brown Bat Skull replica
  • Replica Bat House
  • Felt Bat Wingspan Cutout
  • Replica Bat House
  • Materials for bat education activities

Project EduBat Logo

How to Reserve:

The Project EduBat trunk may be reserved by educators for up to 2 weeks at a time, pending availability. The trunk is free to use, but it must be picked up and dropped off at the loan facility. Anyone 18 and older can borrow the trunk for education purposes.

We would like to thank Project EduBat for providing the bat education trunk to Maryland!

To learn more about Project EduBat and to see a sample of activities, then please visit their page here:​​