Flying WILD

What is Flying WILD?

Cover art for Flying Wild Educator's Guide Flying WILD is an interdisciplinary and fun curriculum supplement designed to provide activities that teach middle-school students about birds, their migration, and what people can do to help birds and their habitats.The Guide's 43 activities can be used to teach classroom lessons or to initiate service-learning projects that help birds and their habitats. The Guide helps middle-school students, teachers, and community volunteers implement a bird festival at their school. The engaging activities can also be used with upper elementary and high school students with minimal modifications.

The Guide features three sets of activities, each designed to be led by

  • A teacher;
  • A volunteer; or
  • A student.

Within the Guide's pages, you will find a wealth of activities, ideas, and tips for hosting your own school bird festival, from recruiting committees and pre-festival donations to after-festival clean-up and follow-up evaluation. In conjunction with the Flying WILD program, the Guide creates a unique opportunity for students, teachers, and the community to come together to learn about birds through innovative, hands-on, minds-on activities.


Why go WILD?

Flying WILD is a great way to incorporate environmental education into your existing lesson plan, regardless of the subject matter that is being taught. Flying WILD activities can be done indoors or outdoors, are flexible enough to fit almost the needs of almost any educator, and are comprehensive enough so that minimal preparation is required by the educator. Flying WILD is ideal for classroom teachers, environmental educators, park and nature center personnel, Scout, Campfire and 4-H leaders and others who work with young people.

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For additional information, please contact:


Sarah B. Witcher
Department of Natural Resources
Wildlife and Heritage Service
580 Taylor Avenue, E-1
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