Growing Up WILD Educator Resources

Listed below are resources to supplement several of the Growing Up WILD activities. In addition to the list below, the National Growing Up WILD site has Copy Me pages available as well as Home Connections and Show Me Wildlife videos related to the activities.

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Ants on Parade Icon

Ants on Parade

All About Ant​s Hand-out​
Ant Anatomy Coloring Sheet​
Ant Lifecycle Coloring Sheet


Bird Beak Buffet

Common Feeder Birds
Birds of Maryland

Deep Blue Sea Icon

Deep Blue Sea​

Deep Blue Sea Educator Kit
Deep Blue Sea Supplement Guide

Fishing Fun Icon

Fishing Fun

Maryland Fish Facts
Brook Trout Fact Sheet
Fishing Fun Educator Kit
Fishing Fun Supplemental Guide

Less Is More

Less is More​

Less is More Educator Kit
Less is More Supplemental Guide

Looking at Leaves Icon

Looking at Leaves

Common Leaves
Common Leaf Parts
Common Deciduous Tree ID
Learning About Leaves Coloring Book
Looking at Leaves Educator Kit
Looking at Leaves Supplemental Guide


Lunch for a Bear

Black Bear Education Trunk​
Black Bears in Maryland​
Black Bear Habitat Hunt and Compare to a Bear
Lunch for a Bear Cards
Black Bear Coloring Sheet

Oh Dear Icon

Oh, Deer!

White-tailed Deer Education Trunk
Biology of Deer in Maryland

Owl Pellets Icon

Owl Pellets

Owls of Maryland​
Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection

Spider Web Wonders Icon

Spider Web Wonders

Common Spiders of MD
Common Spiders of MD Hand-out
Large Spider Web Templates​
Spider Sentences Hand-out
Spider Activity Booklet​

Tracks Icon


Easy Track Activity Sheet
Furbearer Education Trunk​
Modified Field Study Sheet for Tracks
Folded Mammal Track Book by Polly Hutchinson

Who Lives in a Tree Education Icon

Who Lives in a Tree

Who Lives in A Tree Supplemental Guide
Bird Nest Template
Who Lives in a Tree Educator Kit
Wildlife as Symbols icon

Wildlife as Symbols​

Maryland State Symbols
Maryland State Song


  • Barred owl, black bear, cardinal and deer graphics by Tracey Saxby, Integration and Application Network, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (
  • Spider web graphic by Dieter Tracey, Integration and Application Network, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (
  • For more information and resources, then please contact:

    Sarah B. Witcher
    Department of Natural Resources
    Wildlife and Heritage Service
    580 Taylor Avenue, E-1
    Annapolis, Maryland 21401