Welcome to the Maryland Senior Rangers!

This program is geared toward senior citizens with an interest in learning more about our parks and nature so they can get active, visit their local state parks, ​and sharpen their sense of wonder! Six weekly sessions are led by a variety of instructors including rangers, historians, naturalists, and other Department of Natural Resources experts.

Learn about plants, animals, park rangers, conservation, history, stewardship, and much more! Sessions include exercise, expert-led talks, fellowship, games, and hikes. Participants who complete the program become certified Senior Rangers.

The program has been offered at Patapsco Valley State Park, Janes Island State Park​, Bohemia River State Park, Fair Hill NRMA​, and Seneca Creek State Park​. These programs are available at different times of year at these parks so check here or on their websites for when these programs are offered. Space is limited when they are offered, so please contact your park to check availability. Coming to more locations soon!

​​​Benefits to being a Senior Ranger

​ ​
  • Reduce isolation
  • Fight boredom
  • Raise self-esteem
  • Be emotionally nourished
  • Interact multi-generationally
  • Energize yourself

  • Connect with nature
  • Boost your mood
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost memory
  • Restore focus


  • "Wow! This is our 5th series of Senior Rangers that my husband and I attended. We are thrilled with the various topics and activities that you all seem to come up with! Great speakers, interesting programs, and the whole group is so friendly! We'll keep coming back" Joyce K.
  • “Thanks for that exceptional, informative program!” - Kathy Stroh, Fair Hill Senior Ranger Program, October 2023
  • “ The myriad of different programs during Senior Rangers was astounding!!! I've never been an artist, or cared to try, but through our class in Senior Rangers Beginner painting class, the interest has sparked! I'm entering 3 paintings in next years county fair and Lucy and I attend weekly painting classes. Thanks Senior Rangers!"
  • "Oh my gosh.....vultures pee on their legs to cool off....oh the things we learned in Senior R​angers! Most fun program ever! I wish other parks did this.” -Barry L.
  • “My sister and I had never done kayaking before Senior Rangers. We loved it so much, we bought our own kayaks.” -Christine Moesch Janes Island Senior Ranger.
  • "I retired last year, and my wife passed away this past February. I've been so lonely and depressed. Senior Rangers is just what the doctor ordered! Fascinating programs with LOTS to do and I love my new host of friends!" -Wayne R.

2024 Senior Ranger Sessions

Western​ Region

ParkAge Req.DatesContactsFlyer
​New Germany State Park
​​55+Thursdays, May 30​ - June 27Noah Manges

Central Region

ParkAge Req.DatesContactsFlyer
​​ Bohemia State Park
55+Thurdsays, April 25 - May 30 lesley.leader@maryland.gov Click to View​
​​ Patapsco Valley State Park
55+Wednesdays, April 24 - June 7 Jamie.Petrucci@maryland.gov ​​
​​ Seneca Creek Lake State Park
55+Wednesdays, April 17 - May 22 dylan.wagner@maryland.gov Click to ​View

Southern Region

ParkAge Req.​DatesContactsFlyer
​​SMRC​ (Smallwood, Cedarville & Merkle State Parks)​
55+Wednesdays, July 10 - August 14 cierra.maszkiewicz@maryland.gov Click to View​

Eastern Region

ParkAge Req.​DatesContactsFlyer
​​ Janes Island State Park
55+Thursdays, April 25 - May 30 mark.herring@maryland.gov Click to View​
​ ​