Part 8: Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area

Part 8: Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area

Soldiers Delight Origins

This photograph shows the remains of “Oldton’s Garrison Fort.”

Elements of this stone house in Owings Mills are the remains of Oldton's Garrison Fort, built in 1694. John Oldton was captain of a small Maryland ranger company which patrolled this area to monitor Native American activity.

The name “Soldiers Delight” is likely an ironic reference to the difficulties Oldton’s soldiers encountered.

Working Together

The working together display gives us photographs of the many hard working employees and local community volunteers that have helped make Soldiers Delight what it is today. It includes: Volunteers at the annual fall picnic, Volunteer Ranger Johnny Johnson leading a Mine History Hike at Soldiers Delight, Volunteers helping at the annual holiday open house, and a safety fence constructed by volunteers around the Choate Mine.

Volunteers at the annual fall picnic.
Volunteer Ranger Johnny Johnson leads Mine History Hikes at Soldiers Delight twice a year.
Volunteers helping at the annual holiday open house at Soldiers Delight.
Volunteers constructed the safety fence around the Choate Mine.

The first step toward the conservation of Soldiers Delight was the formation of the Citizens' Committee for Soldiers Delight in 1959, which worked to have the area included in the State Master Plan.

The Soldiers Delight Conservation, Inc. was formed in the spring of 1965 and raised $25,000 for the State of Maryland to purchase the area.

Today, Soldiers Delight consists of approximately 2,000 acres and has been designated a Natural Environment Area managed by the Maryland Forest, Park, and Wildlife services.

Enjoying Soldiers Delight

Trails are open during all seasons. Winter may be cold but it shouldn't stop you from getting outside!
The overlook is perfect for watching sunrise and sunset.
Our trails are dog friendly but must be leashed at all times.
Open serpentine barrens allow for great bird watching opportunities.

Scales and Tales

These photos show birds and a reptile that have been part of the Soldiers Delight Scales & Tales program.

One of the programs that Soldiers Delight has to offer is Scales & Tales!

Scales & Tales is an environmental education program that affords people the opportunity to see wildlife up close and personal.

This informative ​and entertaining program uses birds of prey and reptiles to promote stewardship of our wildlife and other natural resources.

Leave No Trace

This exhibit provides ways to reduce environmental impact with the 7 principles of “Leave No Trace”.

1. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO - Be prepared! Dress for the weather, use a map to plan your activity, and learn about the areas you visit before setting out on your adventure!

2. CHOOSE THE RIGHT PATH - Stay on trails to protect nature. Keep natural areas looking natural. Steer clear of flowers or small trees.

3. TRASH YOUR TRASH - Carry your trash out of the park and put it in a garbage can at home.

4. LEAVE WHAT YOU FIND - Leave plants, animals, rocks, and historic items as you find them.

5. BE CAREFUL WITH FIRE - Fires are not allowed at Soldiers Delight.

6. RESPECT WILDLIFE - Enjoy wildlife at a distance and never approach, feed, or follow them.

7. BE KIND TO OTHER VISITORS - Make sure the fun you have outdoors does not bother anyone else.

Thanks for Visiting, Come Back Soon!