Seneca Creek State Park


Seneca Creek State Park

Patuxent River State Park​

Monocacy Natural Resource Management Area

General Rules for all Hunting Areas

  1. You may enter the area one hour before shooting time to set up. Legal shooting time begins one half hour before sunrise.
  2. You must be out of the area by one hour after legal shooting time. Legal shooting time ends one half hour after sunset.
  3. You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the hunting area boundary lines, safety zones and established trails throughout the hunting area.
  4. Portable tree stands and steps are permitted, but cannot be screwed or nailed into trees. All stands must be removed at the end of each day. The use of tree stands is recommended, especially when hunting near established trails.
  5. Maps depicting hunting areas are provided for your reference only. Observe posted hunting and boundary signs. All acreage figures are approximate.

Check-in Procedures

  1. All harvested deer must be checked in before midnight on the harvested day by using the internet ( ) or the Maryland Big Game Registration Phone Line (1-888-800-0121).
  2. The public land code used for harvested deer from Seneca Creek State Park is 442. Patuxent River State Park, the code is 440 and for Monocacy NRMA it is 282.


  1. All state and federal hunting laws, as well as park regulations, will be strictly enforced. Call Park Watch 1-800-825-7275 to report violations
  2. Maryland State Parks are “Trash Free”.  All trash must be packed out.


  1. All hunters must wear the required type and amount of fluorescent orange during the deer firearms and muzzleloader seasons.
  2. Scouting is permitted from sunrise to sunset only. No weapons are to be carried while scouting. In order to avoid interfering with fellow sportsmen, Sunday scouting is recommended.
  3. Do not remove, cut, destroy, prune or deface any vegetation. Do not cut shooting lanes.
  4. Please report all violations of game laws or these hunting rules to the Natural Resources Police or Tawes Communications Center (1-800-628-9944) 24 hours a day.