Solar Generation Facilities - Pollinator-Friendly Designation

Monarch butterfly on a purple flower.The Pollinator-Friendly Designation Program bill (SB 1158) was signed by Governor Larry Hogan in May 2017. SB 1158 established a pollinator-friendly designation program for commercial ground-mounted solar facilities. The bill did have a scorecard attached which will serve as the initial basis for pollinator-friendly designation of a site.

There are several steps that the department is coordinating before moving forward including:

  • Drafting and adopting regulation
  • Developing a commercial solar pollinator-friendly application form
  • Assembling a workgroup to review the regulation, scorecard and applications

This webpage will be updated with the latest information including the designation process and all necessary forms. Please contact Bob Sadzinski at the Power Plant Research Program with questions:

Proposed Pollinator Certification Regulation

Questions or comments can be sent to PPRP's Project Manager Bob Sadzinski at or by calling 410-260-8668.​

Pollinator Habitat Workgroup Members

  • Matt Teffeau - Chairman
  • Marcia Haas - SunEast Dev.
  • Jennifer Selfridge - MD DNR
  • Julie Thompson - USFWS
  • Lisa Kuder - PhD Student University of MD
  • Julia Solomon - DNR
  • Sam Droege - USGS
  • Jonathan McKnight - DNR
  • Dennis vanEngelsdorp and​/or​ Karen Rennich (Bee Lab) & Bee Informed Partnership​, ​
    University of ​MD
  • Dane Bauer​ - ​HB Solutions
  • Colby Ferguson​ - ​MD Farm Bureau
  • Lindsay Thompson​ - ​Maryland Grain Producers
  • ​Tom Dennison​ - SMECO


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