​​Coal Combustion By-Product Storage, Use, and Disposal Sites in Maryland

This report provides updated information on coal combustion residual (CCRs) sites within Maryland, their current status, and a preliminary assessment of their potential for recovery. CCRs are the solid residuals that remain when coal is burned to produce electricity. They present environmental challenges in that they can leach naturally occurring heavy metals into ground waters if they are not properly managed. However, they also have physical and chemical properties that make them valuable raw materials for certain industries (i.e. cement and ready-mix concrete manufacture). Using CCRs in these types of applications not only lowers industry demand for virgin raw materials but has the added benefit of CCR encapsulating, essentially immobilizing any metals or other constituents that they could contain.

The link to the report is below and the public is invited to provide comments to:

Paul Petzrick
Power Plant Research Program
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Phone: 410-260-8669
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​Coal Combustion By-Product Storage, Use, and Disposal Sites in Maryland​