Our Mission

Mission Statement:

The Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP) is a public safety agency with statewide authority to enforce hunting, fishing, boating, and criminal law on all waterways and land, both public and private. NRP also:

  • Is the lead agency for maritime homeland security, provides maritime and rural search and rescue;
  • Educates the public in hunting, boating and water safety;
  • Provides primary law enforcement services on the Department of Natural Resources managed lands, and
  • Will provide mutual aid to allied public safety agencies for emergency, significant, or special events.

    Our Creed:

    As a Natural Resources Police officer, I will:

    • Assist the public in time of need, routine and emergency.
    • Educate the inadvertent violator by taking the appropriate level of enforcement action.
    • Relentlessly pursue deliberate offenders.
    • Respect and inform rather than lecture or reprimand.
    • Maintain the highest level of professional standards, integrity and conduct.