The State of Maryland's Volunteer Angler Surveys

​Here is your chance to directly help in fisheries management.  The information you provide is essential in understanding this valuable species and helps the Department of Natural Resources monitor harvest and catch data. 

Costa Hats sitting on a table.

Prize winners are randomly drawn from those who filled out any of the Volunteer Angler Surveys,
​on a quarterly basis.

The latest volunteer angler survey winners are listed below​, winners are chosen randomly from all participants. Currently, winners will receive the latest hat style from ​our sponsor, Costa!


Select a survey below to get started.


Blue CrabBill Jollie
FreshwaterCameron Gray
MARI Timothy Howell
MuskieBrett Poffenberger
ShadEdward Bachman
Smallmouth BassErnesto Rojas
Striped BassRichard Kuhlman