Unicorn Lake Hatchery

Unicorn Lake Hatchery is located at Unicorn Lake near Millington. This facility encompasses a 43-acre recreational fishing lake with boat ramp, access for spillway fishing, five fish culture ponds, picnic tables, one office building and one combination storage/culture tank building. Unicorn Hatchery cultures trout, largemouth bass, bluegill and yellow perch. These fish are used in corrective stocking programs and population restoration work.

Photo of Unicorn Lake Sign. 

Unicorn Lake encompasses a fish hatchery, recreational fishing lake and boat ramp.

Photo of Unicorn Lake.  

Unicorn Lake's 43 acres are populated with many fish species including yellow perch, largemouth bass and bluegill. Water from the lake supplies the hatchery.

Photo of Unicorn Lake  Dam. 

The dam is breached with a fish ladder to allow migratory spawning fish passage to the lake.

Photo of Unicorn Lake spillway. 

The dam spillway also holds many sunfish and bass. There is plenty of shore access for fishing along the creek.

Photo of Unicorn pond. 

There are five culture ponds on site. These ponds are used to raise largemouth bass, bluegill and yellow perch for Maryland DNR Fisheries Service.

Photo of Unicorn Lake catch box. 

This is a catch box in the culture pond outfall. When fish reach harvestable size, the pond is drained through the screened catch box. Fish can then be netted out and place in a transport tank for travel to the stocking site.

Unicorn Lake also has the ability to culture juvenile fish to tagging size in the intensive culture facility. Largemouth bass juveniles are placed in these tanks and fed until they reach tagging size. Then they are transported to Manning Hatchery for marking.

For more information concering Unicorn Hatchery, contact Russ Parson at 410-928-3643 ext. 101.​​​​